Edmonton Circles of Support and Accountability (CoSA)

is a community-based initiative that operates on restorative justice principles. CoSA assists people who have served a prison sentence for a sexual offence or multiple sexual offences, and who request our help to prevent them from committing another sexual offense. CoSA is a community-based solution to address the problem of offenders who are released back into the community without having any positive support systems to assist them in safe transition and positive reintegration.

CoSA is a “Made-In-Canada” grass roots solution to crime prevention that has been very successful since its development and implementation in Hamilton, Ontario in 1994. In research conducted by correctional services in countries around the world that have adopted CoSA, it is clear that facilitated community reintegration and treatment, substantially reduces the risk of re-offense. To date, four studies demonstrating the effectiveness of the CoSA model have been published in international peer-reviewed journals.

Edmonton CoSA works in partnership with Alberta Health Services/Mental HealthUnlimited Potential Community ServicesCorrectional Service CanadaEdmonton Police ServiceJohn Howard Society of Edmonton, Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton and the Edmonton Neighbour Centre.

Edmonton CoSA is a member of CoSA Canada, the Canadian national association for Circles of Support and Accountability.

If you are interested in volunteering with Edmonton CoSA, please visit our Volunteering With CoSA page.